Making Everyday 
Activities Easier Than Ever

For us to grow, learn, and
accomplish something,
difficulties and obstacles are,
in a sense, necessary.

However, we do not believe that this means
we should let our everyday lives be difficult and stressful.

Rehabilitations after an injury,
collecting vital data to manage health risks…
Difficulties in those activities for regaining everyday health or
ensuring safety should be minimized.

We at AI Silk see it as our mission
to make everyday activities easier than ever,
using silk that conducts electricity.


Pleasant electrical stimulation for efficient training and rehabilitation.

The fact that there is a strong tingling sensation in the skin when muscles are electrically stimulated is evidence that electricity is not being conducted efficiently. AI Silk, which has high conductivity, can relatively reduce this tingling sensation. Furthermore, its high water-absorbing quality means it is less prone to be affected by elements that lower conductivity, such as sweat, allowing you to train and rehabilitate without distractions.

Medical and Welfare

Measuring vital data
anytime without stress

Itchiness and a rash caused by wearing it for a long time was a challenge caused by existing types of electrode. By giving the electrode functionality to fiber itself, AI Silk succeeded in lowering the risk of such unwanted irritation. It is stress-free for elderly people and for those with sensitive skin, and, in addition, its function as an electrode is resilient to deterioration after many washes, ensuring it can be used for a long period of time while maintaining a very hygienic state.