Freeing the Future

We never cease to contemplate
the direction in which science and
technology should develop.

There is probably no single right answer.
This answer may also change over time.

The answer we came up with was freedom.
Output should change according to the
desired use, adapting to a variety of fields.
That is, responding to all needs and making
numerous people happy.

The free future that AI Silk creates is
just around the corner.

What Is the AI Silk?

AI Silk are innovative conductive fibers produced with a dyeing technique.
By using natural silk and giving conductivity to the fiber itself, we have
succeeded in producing electrodes that reduce some of the risks and
challenges of conventional medical electrodes, which can cause discomfort,
skin and in vivo inflammation, and measurement failure due to sweat or
other elements. Our brand, AI Silk, is a new material that has strong and
diverse application potential, even beyond the health / medical field.

Structure of a AI Silk


Safe and Comfortable

Because we use natural silk that is gentle to the skin and breathes well, AI Silk can be used comfortably for long periods of time. In addition, unlike regular electrodes, AI Silk does not use electrolyte paste, so it has a lower risk of causing dermatitis. In the case of measurement in vivo, such as of the brain, the risk of inflammation is profoundly lowered when using AI Silk.


High Rate of
Water Absorption

Silk is a highly water-absorptive material. Water sources that may constitute obstacles to measurement, such as rain and sweat, are quickly absorbed to ensure the most accurate measurement possible.


High Rate of Conductivity

By attaching REDOT-pTS to silk using chemical polymerization, AI Silk achieves high conductivity, leading to a noise-free and accurate measuring environment. Furthermore, by adjusting the heating time during the production process, we can change the conductivity of a whole electrode or for just a part of it.


Easy Processing
with Low Cost

AI Silk can be manufactured into thread, ensuring that it is not too difficult to process them into complex forms. Another strength of this material is that we produce it using a dyeing technique, which means large-scale production is possible with small-scale facilities. With the development of new techniques, such as printing AI Silk onto other materials, the application of this product is extending into diverse fields.