Weaving a Smarter Future

Flying cars and time machines.
We can’t yet hear the footsteps of the future we dreamed of in the 20th century.
What arrived instead was a society in which anyone could access information from around the world from the palm of their hand.
Today, we’re experiencing a future that extends beyond our imaginations.

Our interactions with computers will continue to become simpler.
Computers that understand our intentions without us lifting a finger or speaking a word—
becoming extensions of our physical bodies.
Such a future is not so far away.
LEAD SKIN is weaving a future brimming with possibilities.

LEAD SKIN and LEAD SKIN AIR are made from recycled polyester.


What is LEAD SKIN?

LEAD SKIN is a new type of conductive fiber manufactured with dyeing techniques.

In addition to mitigating some of the problems of conventional bioelectrodes, such as discomfort and inflammation caused by wearing them, and performance issues caused by perspiration, the entire surface of each fiber is coated with a film of conductive material that enables better, more homogenized conductivity.